Driven by a young and passionate glass blower, a workshop opens its doors in the heart of Paris. Le Four (The Oven) reveals the secrets of this material.

Where? Under the Viaduc des Arts in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, the large windows of Le Four offer an impressive view of glass blowers at work.

Who? For Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, who created Le Four workshop in 2015, glass is a love story that needs to be shared. After traveling around the world, he settled in the French capital to restore craftsmanship to its rightful place in the city. Jeremy and his team of glass-makers, Léa Munsch and Baptiste Haladjian, put the spotlight on handmade products and the creation of proximity. Their desires for glassware: show it, explain it and make it more accessible.

© Léa Munsch © Léa Munsch


What? Le Four is a workshop where traditional glassware techniques are combined with contemporary innovation. Each piece is made freehand (without a mold) and is both unique and oriented towards a practical use: glasses, bowls, vases, mugs, fruit covers, paperweights… which are all available to purchase on site.

How? A real creative laboratory, Le Four is also an educational space that welcomes trainees and apprentices. Occasionally, they work with other glassmakers to make specific pieces.


What we like: The creativity and delicacy of each piece. The presence of craftsmen in the heart of the city that brings a special charm to the neighbourhood. The possibility for anyone to become familiar with the alchemy of glass, which by adding the sacred fire reveals the raw material in its true philosophical form.

To note: Le Four is the only workshop of glass makers in Paris.


Le Four, 101, avenue Daumesnil, Paris, 75012. From 10:00 to 18:00, Monday to Saturday.

© Crédits Photos : Léa Munsch & Romain Ricard