For the first time, Merci is venturing into the world of streetwear, showcasing the clothing labels that are currently redefining fashion codes.

Merci asked three secondary school students – Jules, Constantin and Ramzi – to choose a selection of brands that represent the streetwear of their generation. Always on the lookout for new stuff, passionate about fashion and streetwear aficionados themselves, the guys selected some fifteen brands to be displayed at Merci during the event. Merci trusted them entirely and in so doing gave them a voice.


This specialist selection features French, US, Korean and Japanese brands, including D-ANTIDOTE, N.D.G. STUDIO, NASASEASONS, 51PERCENT, VANS and IFITSUS.

Streetwear is not new. It has been in the slipstream of the visual arts, music and sport since the 1990s. It creates a bridge between disciplines, between the street and designers, flirting with both the luxury and basic markets. The clothes are sometimes simple without being simplistic, ordinary pieces with hidden details that conceal their specialness. But streetwear can also be punchy, expressing itself through messages, arty motifs and surprising volumes. Streetwear is a mix of cultures and genres, it is often unisex and transcends clichés. It is also the result of collaborations with artists and luxury brands.

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Through a partnership with I Look (a streetwear product outlet), Merci is showing how the brands are employing new strategies, relying on rarity and successions of capsule collections to spark  enthusiasm.

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Finally, because streetwear is also about freedom of expression and creativity, Jules, Constantin and Ramzi called on a young artist by the name of “La Gueule du Loup” to create street art on the Fiat and the tiny space where the event is being held from 12 January to 6 February. The artist will also customise a selection of vintage clothes. Because streetwear is also a way of standing out from the crowd by wearing unique, personalised creations.