Lostmarc’h creates personal perfumes, home fragrances and beauty products. Authentic and refined products, created from raw materials that are sourced from different regions around the world. A passion for beautiful raw materials, combined with an expert apothecary. Meeting. LOST MARC'H Antoine

What is your background and how was Lostmarc’h born?I come from a long line of herbalist perfume creators. After spending a long time in the United States, I returned to France around ten years ago and wanted to create a line whose inspiration comes from “beautiful raw materials”; the treasures that I discovered in the office of my grandfather or later in those of my aunts and uncles. The jasmine from Tunisia, the rose from Bulgaria, the vetiver from Haiti… You define yourself as the ocean apothecary, why?Our range of products is not limited to perfumes but also consists of cosmetics. Our craft is to transform raw materials and give them all the attention they deserve, which explains the use of apothecary.Oceans refer to the trading posts of the past that were close to the sea or ocean out of necessity. It also refers to the name of our brand, Lostmarc’h, which comes from both a beach and region in Brittany. You work in an artisanal manner. What is the creation process for your perfumes? The process, just like a chef, starts with the materials and the desire to enhance them. We found that in Namibia, the Imba tribe burns a shrub to light up the night, which in result emits an enchanting smell. This is how the #3 Bushman Candle of Nababeep and Arabie Heureuse Insence came about. Both have a set of ingredients that enhance its base in addition to 20 other raw materials.Your products and perfumes are composed of marine plants, minerals and don’t contain any parabens. Can we talk about authentic products?We of course pay very close attention to all stages of the manufacturing process of our products: from materials, crop quality, respect for working conditions to purchasing and packaging which is entirely done by hand in France. A finished product is also the combination of a lot of know-how that needs to be respected and highlighted. What are your future projects? It ranges from travel and “hunting” themes to new scents!

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