Laurence, Giulia, Alberto: their first initials make up the Maison Olga label. A trio whose immersive energy follows their uninhibited instinct and have inspired their creations.

Laurence and Giulia initially worked for major luxury brands (Vuitton, Prada ...) before embarking on their own fashion adventure. The eureka moment? The day Alberto, Laurence’s partner (and Giulia's cousin), inherited a factory in the heart of the Italian countryside near Venice. For sixty years, this factory has been using traditional local savoir-faire to make knitwear for prestigious Italian brands. The opportunity was too good to pass up and in 2011 Maison Olga was born. An incredible festival of colours and prints, the label has for six years been navigating between finesse, a permanent demand for detail and relaxed and geometric cuts. A speedy telephone meeting with Laurence in her workshop in the Venetian countryside and the Merci offices in the Upper Marais in Paris.



You DNA ?

The heart of the brand is knitwear and jacquard fabric. Knitwear is a very technical material and the field of possibilities is endless... it’s one of the reasons why we don’t hesitate to accumulate designs. I think what defines the spirit of Maison Olga is an originality that contains strong graphic accents and many different designs, while at the same time remaining timeless.




What do your clothes say about you ?

Maison Olga is the result of very harmonious and fluid teamwork: Giulia and I have the same tastes. We let ourselves be guided by our desires of the moment, we understand each other. We advocate for a cool, playful and fresh silhouette with the nonchalance of the eternal teen and improbable mixes of pieces and prints. With that said, Alberto’s masculine perspective is very enriching.




Your creative process ?

We develop great mood boards with images from blogs, Pinterest and Tumblr, which reflect our generation. We also take a lot of “street style” photos as we travel a lot! We are lucky to have the factory next door, where we spend hours in the archives looking for interesting things. We then follow the prototypes with designers who bring together the necessary adjustments, until the perfect piece is created.




How was the summer collection born ?

This collection grew from a wild and arid trip across Mexico with its amazing colours and imagery. A trip to the land of wrestling and a nod to Pancho Villa. These jacquards turn into floral impressions, warm tones of scorched earth and emerald green, a cactus pattern, a desert snake that walks on the back of a jacket…

Your favorite pieces ?

The perfect denim super-sized sleeveless top and the silvery sequined jacket. The kimono jacket that mixes all kinds of Aztec prints, the long semi-transparent flowy dress, and the jacket with an embroidered wrestler’s mask...





Your lifestyle ?

Maison Olga is simply a reflection of who we are. Girls who know the city, having lived there for a long time, who like to travel but have settled down in the countryside. We are now followers of “slow life”: we live a very quiet life, we take time for our children, we do yoga, we cook. While in Paris I often cooked Picard (frozen food), now "il mangiare” has become sacred! Maison Olga is a mix of all these lifestyles.