They've become emblematic utensils, perfect for sterilising and conserving products. Today, with their clean lines, they have become the new vessel for cooking and serving

Because the Weck glass factory, founded more than a century ago in Germany, has specialised in advanced sterilisation and preservation techniques. For their jars, they developed a non-reinforced closure with a natural rubber seal and, for sterilisation, two stainless steel clips. A simple and safe way to preserve all the nutritional qualities of food.


Because Weck jars adapt to the type and nature of the product. Cylinder, tulip or carafe shaped, six different shapes have been designed, each offering a wide variety of sizes (35 ml to more than 1 liter). Impossible to not find the right container for truffles, whole foie gras, asparagus, chutney, or cassoulet ... But that's not all. These jars - bisphenol, lead and PET free - go in the oven, the microwave and the freezer (need to remove the rubber seal). For everyday use.


Because quality complements their sleek design. Even if Weck jars appear perfect for terrines and jams, they are not confined to the kitchen. With or without their lids, they can also be placed on the table, acting as a mini casserole dish to serve individual meals and desserts.