Discreet and modest, but with a tip all its own, the bird's beak office knife is ready for numerous tasks. Deglon is a must have in any kitchen.


Because the kitchen requires precise tools… The Deglon company has continued its tradition of producing fine cutlery for nearly a century. Around a hundred craftsman, based in Thiers (a French city in the Auvergne region), produce nearly 80% of the high quality knives which are made in France. The family business is also focused on innovation with a selection of ergonomic knives that feature strong and sharp stainless steel blades.

Because each knife has its own use… The bird's beak office knife, which leads to the Dark Sherwood range, is probably the most common in the kitchen. Easily recognisable for its curved stainless steel blade, its drop tip takes the shape of a bird’s beak. Small in size, this knife makes it easy to work as close to the food as possible. Fruits and vegetables can be easily peeled and cut and the tip is especially useful for carving, slicing, and transforming vegetables into flowers.

Because trust in a knife requires safe and dependable movements. The unsharpened part of the blade, called the silk, extends throughout the handle and is shaped into the pressed wood. The handle’s easy grip adds to the knife’s sturdy construction.