Delicious and trusted food, Italian style.

• History.

Lorenza Lenzi (from Rome) and Gianpaolo Polverino (from Naples) both come from the world of fashion. In 2009, they combined their tastes and achievements to create a catering service. When the food is good, the news goes fast. The two Italians quickly established themselves in the Parisian events scene by providing lunches or dinners for fashion shows, photo shoots and other events. A few years later, in 2015, the adventure continued with the opening of the café-restaurant La Petite Table, in the heart of the Marais.




• Decor.

Step into this cozy place and your mouth will water at the sight of the beautifully presented desserts. The small marble tables line up sensibly under gilded brass lamps and face a long marble counter. A bistro atmosphere where gray benches harmonise with the geometric patterns of cement tiles on the ground. The golden cutlery and the bouquets of fresh flowers punctuate this warm and well-balanced environment.



• The actors.

At La Petite Table, Lorenza and Gianpaolo do not mess around with a few basic principles: guaranteed freshness, well sourced materials and creative ingenuity. Here, producers are handpicked (meat sourced from France, fish from small coastal fisheries), seasonal vegetables are used in their entirety, from the root to the leaf and in all possible ways (juices, broths, vegetable dyes, etc.). Lastly, the menu does not risk getting old since the evening menu changes every three days and the lunch menu daily.




• The menu.

You can come to La Petite Table at any time of the day and for any desire. To start the day, the gleaming coffee machine on the counter makes espressos or cappuccinos that transport you directly to Italy. You can also opt for a nice brunch: breads, pastries, homemade pancakes, eggs, ham, salmon, etc. In the afternoon, the salads are hearty and the dishes of the day well balanced. In the evening, Italian-inspired dishes offer ingredients such as citron, candied cauliflower, kale ... As for the desserts, the fabulous (and homemade) cheesecake or chocolate cream mascarpone cake are a perfect way to indulge.




• Special mention.

Lorenza et Gianpaolo recently finished a wine cellar that holds around 50 different types of wine, all of which are featured on the wine menu.

La Petite Table, 27 rue Saintonge, 75011 Paris, 01 74 64 00 36. Everyday from 10:00 à 23:00, except Sunday.