To coincide with Paris Fashion Week, Merci is turning the spotlight on that classic item of the male and female wardrobe: the shirt



An ancient garment with universal appeal that has been constantly evolving through the centuries.

Prior to the Middle Ages, it took the form of a collarless, sleeveless T-shaped tunic with a simple opening in the centre.

Originally an undergarment worn by men to protect the skin or as a night shirt, it later acquired a collar and button placket on the front.

It was no longer made from linen but from fine, luxury fabrics trimmed with embroidery or lace.

The 19th century saw the emergence of a more close-fitting, tailored shirt, with or without a collar depending on the season and fashion.

A century later, it found its way into the women’s wardrobe.

A long, incredible history, which is still unfolding today. Picking up on this theme, Merci is showcasing shirts by the famous US brand Brooks Brothers, a worldwide leader in elegant clothing, established in 1818.

Discover the selection


Discover the selection




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Merci is devoting a space entirely to the legendary tailors that have dressed nearly every American president and has countless devoted fans all over the world, including many celebrities.

And to immerse the customer fully in the Brooks Brothers universe, Merci is recreating its design codes. Just like in its flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York, the shirts are displayed in fine, dark wood shop cabinets, stacked in neat piles with an elastic band around each one.

Merci has raided the men’s collections, offering a chance to (re)discover the iconic button-down shirt, designed in 1854, or the non-iron shirt, invented a few years ago, made from wrinkle-free, 100% cotton – always impeccable.

And, as always, Merci likes to shake things up, offering smaller sizes so that women can wear them. Also on display will be their ultra-stylish blazer with gold buttons, striped ties, cufflinks and more.



From September 30 to October 3


Edwina de Charette, designer of the Parisian brand LaContrie, creates a casual leather bag, overstitched with a navy thread, a reminder of her native Brittany.

Selected by Merci for its unique quality and timeless look (LaContrie bags are handmade in a workshop in the 1st arrondissement of Paris), the Rohan bag will be offered in a customisable version -  a choice of leather and navy thread - during a pop-up workshop September 30, October 1 & 3, at Merci.