What do Australians, Koreans and Austrians listen to? How do you get in tune with what is being played elsewhere? It's the crazy bet and VERY large success of Radiooooo which is defined as a "musical machine to travel through time and space". Merci loves it... to the point that a soundtrack, concocted by the web radio, is broadcast continuously in the store. We sit down with Benjamin Moreau, the creator of this musical UFO.

What is the concept of Radiooooo? ?

It is a radio on the web that opens a door to the musical culture of the whole world. First, you choose a country on a beautiful planisphere. Then, a period on a timeline divided into decades, from 1900 until today. Finally, the music plays. Thanks to contributors from all continents, there are now around 30,000 songs. You should know that we receive 2000 a week which are sorted through by our team. Thus, almost all countries are represented, even those whose borders have been shattered by history, such as the former Czechoslovakia or the former Yugoslavia.

How was the idea born?

Radiooooo has been around for more than three years now. My background is in contemporary art (I was represented by the gallery Perrotin) and I was a DJ at the Baron, which means a lot of years of musical research. One day, when I was in a 1950s car - my father is a collector - sitting on the Skaï red bench seat, I turned on the Bakelite radio that poured out techno and suddenly the space-time bubble exploded! I think it all started from there.


What do we listen to if we're... lazy at home in the morning, or more social in the evening, or just undecided?

That's the main principle of Radiooooo. A button allows you to select a mood: Slow to not be too worked up, Fast to energise and Weird for all the unexpected things we love - like music from a 1970s Japanese cartoon or a piece that lasts fif-teen minutes! Some imaginary islands are scattered here and there, such as Lazy Island which broadcasts soft music for work, Neverland for children or, in another genre, Guilty Pleasure Island. Radiooooo is like a kind of sound museum where new pieces always pop up. On the other hand, no button allows you to give into the temptation to skip... You always need to be curious!

And what is Radiooooo doing at Merci?

We created a soundtrack, played under the main atrium, that we wanted to dif-fuse into the air like a perfume, a "touch" that is never too invasive. It changes every month. We have also grouped different songs on a vinyl, on sale at Merci or on the web, which ranges from 1930s Russian music to Mexican techno... In short, a Radiooooo style voyage.