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  • Meeting with Maison Baluchon

    Designed and fashioned in France, Maison Baluchon's accessories are inspired by the forest landscapes of the Haute-Marne, and from elsewhere. Meeting with two talented designers, Nathalie Vidal et Toma Bletner...

    Portrait Maison BaluchonBD

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  • merci Lou Levy

    Lou Levy, the young 22 year old artist, registered his work in the same light as Rodin, Jean Cocteau, Picasso… in which the writing becomes figurative and develops a visual imagination.

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  • merci presents Ecriture ( Writing )

    Emails, texts and other messages posted on the web invade our everyday lives and yet, the desire to write by hand has never been stronger. The exhibition Écriture ( Writing) is the opportunity to discover, or rediscover, historic brands...


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  • Merci presents Khadi & Co

    To celebrate Fashion week in Paris, merci is launching the summer season with a selection of products from under the Indian sun


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  • Merci presents Blue Project by Maison Standards x Filip Palowski

    Merci presents the exclusive Blue Project capsule collection by Maison Standards, a collection of simple basics, adorned with a unique logo created by the Polish graphic artist Filip Pagowski…

    Maison Standard Blue Project BD

    In 2013, Uriel Karsenti launched Maison Standards, a clothing line of simple and effective basics. Uriel promotes quality rather than quantity.  This quality can be found in the selection of materials and attention to detail for each piece which is sold exclusively on his website. 

    Merci will be presenting the Blue Project collection until February 25. Created in collaboration with Polish graphic artist Filip Palowski, the collection features a unique logo that was inspired by the farmers of the Wild West who marked their herds with a distinctive branding iron. The logo also refers back to the original brand with its house (maison) shaped design. Simple and efficient!

    Discover the Blue Project capsule collection by Maison Standards from February 11 to 25, 2015 at merci.

    Available starting in March on the Maison Standards eShop



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